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Famous people with Ashtead Connections

B Buried at St Giles, BM Buried with a memorial at St Giles

Staff of Ashtead Potters Ltd
  • John Harrison Bennett
  • Sidney George Bishop
  • Ernest William Blackman BM
  • Thomas Alfred Bushell BM
  • Stanley Conway
  • Christopher Cresswell
  • William Edward Dennis
  • Ernest Garton
  • William Edward Godmon
  • John Harrison Johnston BM
  • Edward Reginald Kemp
  • Cecil J Knight
  • Thomas George Lynes BM
  • William John Martin BM
  • Albert Maynard
  • Jack Milner
  • Major Arthur Thomas Moore
  • William Noble
  • Arthur Leonard Over
  • Charles Plant
  • Robert William Rance
  • William Rank BM
  • Albert Victor Robertson
  • William Robinson
  • Benjamin William Rowe
  • Charles George Frederick Russell
  • Sgt Major Alec/Alexander Scott
  • Charles Squibb
  • Arthur Henry Stevens BM
  • Nelson Taylor
  • Albert Vincent

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