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Mark & Lindsay Melluish

Photo of Mark Melluish
Vicar of St Paul's, Ealing and General Manager of New Wine

Mark & Lindsay Melluish

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in print Book cover: Family Time Family Time
Mark & Lindsay Melluish: Published 1999 by New Wine International Publishing, 160 pages, paperback
9 August Family Time
Mark & Lindsay Melluish: Published 2002 by Kingsway Communications, 112 pages, Spiral-bound
9 August Family Time
Mark & Lindsay Melluish: Published 2002 by Kingsway Communications, 224 pages, paperback

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in print
Audio Cassette
Creating Community
Mark Melluish: Published 2001 by Logo of New Wine
Available from ICC Spreading the word
Mark gives a strong and powerful explanation of examples of outreach into the local community in Ealing, West London and the growth in his church as a result. - AC
Other talks by Mark and Lindsay are available from ICC Spreading the word, including:
Mark and Lindsay: Family Life
Mark: Praying For Healing, Gifts Of The Spirit, Parenting Children, Celebrating Masculinity, Marriage Matters, Sons & Fathers, Awesome Grace, The Story Of God - In The Beginning, Doing The Stuff - Healing, Teaching And Preaching To Make A Difference, Creative ways of connecting with your community, Developing a men's ministry in your church etc
Lindsay: Women Reaching Women, Creating Contentment in our Children, Parenting, The quest for balance, Growing Through Our Goodbyes, Parenting Angels Or Horrors! Looking Ahead, Raising Girls, Building A Women's Ministry, The Single Parent Journey - Taking The Next Step, Does my church need a women's ministry?, Whatever Happened To Childhood? etc

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