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Sir Robert Howard

Sir Robert Howard, January 1626 - 3 September 1698, buried in Westminster Abbey

          Source: The Concise dictionary of National Biography           Source: Encyclopædia Britannica           Extract from: A History of Ashtead
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The Duel of the Stags - A Poem, Together with an Epistle to the Author by Mr. John Dryden.
Sir Robert Howard: Published 1709 by H. Hills
The History of the Reigns of Edward and Richard II - With Reflections, and Characters of their Chief Ministers and Favourites. As Also, A Comparison between those Princes Edward and Richard the Second, with Edward the First, and Edward the Third.
Sir Robert Howard: Published 1690 by F. Collins for Thomas Fox
The Life and Reign Of King Richard The Second
Sir Robert Howard: Published 1681 by M.L. & L(angly)C(urtis)
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