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Cadett & Neall

Cadett & Neall

Photo: Cadett & Neall 'Black Tone Lantern'
Cadett & Neall 'Black Tone Lantern'

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Cadett and Neall's Booklet of Photographic Faults and Failures - their cause and cure
Compiled and arranged by Rev. F.C. Lambert: Published 1902 by Cadett & Neall, 29 pages
First Aid in Photography - The Beginners' Book
J.R. Courtenay Gale & James Cadett: Published 1896 by Cadett & Neall, 57 pages
No. 1 of 'The Cadett Photographic Handbooks.'
Improvments in Apparatus for Cutting Glass
James Cadett: Published 1891, 2 pages + 2 folding plates
Orthochromatic and Three-Colour Photography-simplified
E. Sanger Shepherd & James Cadett: 6th edition Published 1901 by Cadett & Neall, 31 pages
The Practical Photographer's Vade-Mecum, comprising view meter, exposure meter, exposure record, reference tables, notes, addresses, etc.
Published 1902 by Cadett & Neall
Dry Plates - A magazine devoted to the interests of professional & amateur photographers
Edited & Published by Cadett & Neall
Vol. 1 no. 1 (Sept. 1892) to Vol. 5. no. 4. (Dec. 1899)

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