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Books about George MacDonald

The books are listed in alphabetical order of author then title.

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in print George MacDonald in the Pulpit
J. Joseph Flynn (Editor), David Edwards (Editor): Published 1996 by Johannesen Printing & Publishing, hardback
Book cover: Christian Mythmakers Christian Mythmakers - C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, G.K. Chesterton & Others
Rolland Hein: Published 1998 by Cornerstone Press, 260 pages
in print Book cover: The Harmony Within The Harmony Within - The Spiritual Vision of George MacDonald
Rolland Hein: Published 1999 by Cornerstone Press, 224 pages
in print George MacDonald - Victorian Mythmaker
Rolland Hein: Published 1999 by Johannesen Printing & Publishing, hardback
See also The Heart of George MacDonald
in print George MacDonald
C.S. Lewis: Published 2001 by HarperSanFrancisco, 208 pages, paperback
in print George MacDonald and His Wife
Greville MacDonald: Published 1998 by Johannesen Printing & Publishing, hardback, new edition of 1924 edition
in print From a Northern Window - A Personal Remembrance of George MacDonald
Ronald MacDonald: Published 1989 by Sunrise Books, hardback
in print Essays on C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald
Cynthia Marshall: Published 1991 by Edwin Mellen Press, 122 pages, hardback
in print George MacDonald, Selections from His Greatest Works
David Neuhouser: Published ? by Johannesen Printing & Publishing, paperback
in print George MacDonald
D. S. Robb: Published 1987 by The Mercat Press, 136 pages, paperback
in print George MacDonald - a Bibliographical Study
Raphael B. Shaberman: Published 1990 by St Paul's Bibliographies, 192 pages, hardback
in print The Stars and the Stillness - a Portrait of George MacDonald
Kathy Triggs: Published 1986 by The Lutterworth Press, 198 pages, hardback
in print 3000 Quotations of George MacDonald
Harry Verploggh: Published 1996 by Paternoster Press, paperback
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