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What was it like in Ashtead...?

What was it like in Ashtead? 0-1500 AD

Worldwide Event
Life in Ashtead
Jesus Christ lives in the Middle East & is crucified AD30; his disciples experience his resurrection 0 Romans invade Britain in AD43 and build Stane Street passing south of Ashtead; later known as Pebble Lane
Constantine, Roman Emperor, professes conversion to Christian faith 310 AD   Roman Villa stands in Ashtead Woods with tile works
St Augustine comes to Canterbury as first Archbishop in Britain 597 500 Nothing known
William the Conqueror wins Battle of Hastings 1066 Normans occupy England and Wales 1000 Turgis, the Saxon, supporter of King Harold, loses his land in Ashtead
Domesday Survey of Britain 1086

King Henry I establishes peace and loses son in Channel storm 1120

1100 Bishop Odo of Bayeux has been given Ashtead

Laurence of San Sepulchro, from Rouen, settled in manor of Ashtead about 1120

Magna Carta signed by King John at Runnymede 1215 1200 Laurence's descendants, De la Mare family, live in manor of Ashtead
War with Scotland: Scots win battle of Bannockburn 1314 1300 John de Montfort young lord of Ashtead Manor is killed at Stirling
The Black Death plague strikes 1347 - 1350 1400 Three clergymen appointed to Ashtead in succession *. Two of them quite possibly fell victim to the plague
Columbus discovers America 1492 1500 St Giles Church probably rebuilt at this time with present tower
* These were Chantry Priests and so do not appear in the tables of past Rectors & Vicars

What was it like in Ashtead? 1500-1800 AD

Life Beyond Ashtead
Life in Ashtead
Protestant Reformation begins in Germany with Martin Luther in 1517 - 1520 1500 1543 Having broken the bonds with the Pope, Henry VIII seizes Manor & Church
1558 Queen Elizabeth I accedes to the throne of England   1559 Ashtead's first married Rector, the Rev Ralph Kirkham, returns from exile in Europe
1605 Guy Fawkes fails in the Gunpowder Plot 1600 "Breeches" Bible published in 1607; copy in Ashtead
1611 Authorised version of the Bible published    
    1638 Lawrence draws first map of Ashtead
1649 Execution of King Charles I  
1665 Plague
1666 Great Fire of London
  1663 & 1667 Samuel Pepys visits Farm Lane
1688 The Glorious Revolution in England   1680 Sir Robert Howard settles in manor and builds a mansion there
William III & Mary come from Holland  
1707 Act of Union of England & Wales with Scotland 1700 1707 Lady Diana Feilding inherits the Manor. She founds Almshouses in the Street
1725 Peter the Great founds the Russian Empire   1699-1742 Rev Peter Hamelot, Huguenot refugee from persecution in France, is Ashtead's Rector
1769 Captain Cook finds Australia  
1783 Britain loses American colonies to the future United States   Leg of Mutton & Berkshire Arms complete
1789 Revolution in France 1800 1789 Mary Howard grows up in "Headmaster's House" while father builds new mansion (now City of London, Freemen's School)

What was it like in Ashtead? 1800-1900 AD

Life Beyond Ashtead
Life in Ashtead
1805 Nelson killed at Battle of Trafalgar 1800 1802 Wyburd produces complete map of Ashtead
1815 Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon defeated   1818 Col and Mrs Howard inherit Manor
1830 Liverpool & Manchester Railway opened   1830 St Giles' Church fully restored: new east Window
1833 Abolition of slavery in British Empire   1846 Col Howard dies; Mary holds Manor till 1877
1851 First complete UK population census - total 18 Million 1850 1851 Church attendance census: 260 at am & 245 at pm services in St Giles' Church
1854 Crimean War; Florence Nightingale nurses the wounded   1852 Ashtead Church School founded
1856 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln President of the USA   1859 The railway comes to Ashtead
1860 Agates Farm 374 acres in West Ashtead
1868 Disraeli & Gladstone alternate as Prime Minster for many years   1872 Death of William Legge, Rector since 1826
1876 First telephone invented by Alexander Bell   1879 Sale of Ashtead Estate after death of Mary Howard
1885 First car invented by Benz   1886 First issue of Ashtead Parish Magazine - cost 1 penny
1899 Boer War in South Africa begins 1900 1899 Lucas, Rector, sees need for new church [the future St George's] as population increases

What was it like in Ashtead? 1900-2000 AD

Worldwide Event
Life in Ashtead
1901 Death of Queen Victoria 1900 1901 Queen Victoria's funeral train seen at Ashtead
1906 Parliamentary Labour Party formed
1907 Einstein proposes his Special Theory of Relativity
  1906 St George's Church Built
1907 Curate Rev Phillips observes stars
1914-18 The 'Great War' in Europe

1922 Birth of the BBC broadcasting from '2LO'

1920 1915 1,500 Royal Fusiliers train in Ashtead

1924 Peace Memorial Hall opened

1933 Hitler seizes power in Germany 1930 1932 Plan for 30,000 population
1939 Hitler invades Poland - European War begins

1942 Japan & USA at war

1943 Russians defeat Hitler at Staligrad after siege

1945 Allied Victory. United Nations set up

1940 1940 St Giles' School badly damaged by bomb. Classes in St Giles' Church

1942 Rev Alan Cooper becomes Rector. Church life transformed

1948 Creation of Israel in Palestine 1950 1948 Railways nationalised at British Railways
1969 Man on the moon 1970
1984 IBM introduces a 1 Megabit RAM memory chip 1980 1984 M25 opens
2000 Millennium Celebrations. Olympics in Sydney 2000 1999 St George's Church closed for refurbishment and extension of halls

The above was taken from the Parish Magazines Ashtead at Christmas 1999, Easter 2000, Harvest 2000 and Christmas 2000 which were produced with the advice and assistance of local historian Howard Davies.