Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Ashtead Potters Ltd.
(1923 - 1935)

Ashtead Potters Poster  We are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating the centenary of Ashtead Potters Ltd (1923 - 1935) on 11th - 13th April 2023.

The event is being held at St. Giles Dell Centre, St. Giles Drive, Park Lane, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 1EJ.
Entry is free and except for the pottery wheel workshops and mug decorating (see below), there is no need to book.
The doors open at 10am, the first talk starts at 10.30am and the exhibition will close at 9pm each evening.
As well as mug decorating, children's activities will include model-making using air-dry clay and tile engraving. There will be playdough for younger ones.

There will be a great deal happening over the three days, we'll keep this list updated as things develop.
Ashtead Potters dotPottery exhibition
Ashtead Potters dotPaintings by Conquest Art
Ashtead Potters dotTalks:
 Tuesday 11th
Ashtead Potters dot10.30am Making Ashtead Pottery, John Rowley, Leatherhead & District Local History Society
Ashtead Potters dot2.30pm Ashtead Common's Roman pottery, Dr David Bird, Archæologist
Ashtead Potters dot7.30pm An introduction to Ashtead pottery: Household pieces and how to read them, EUR ING Andy Carter, Churchwarden
 Wednesday 12th
Ashtead Potters dot10.30am Notable Ashtead pottery pieces: Models and commemorative, EUR ING Andy Carter, Churchwarden
Ashtead Potters dot2.30pm The Woodland Trust's Centenary Wood, David Hatcher, Woodland Trust Volunteer Speaker
Ashtead Potters dot7.30pm Art Deco's influence on Ashtead Pottery design, Prof. Anne Anderson BA PhD FSA, Art historian
 Thursday 13th
Ashtead Potters dot10.30am Supporting veterans today, Darren Jackson, Combat Stress
Ashtead Potters dot2.30pm The pottery’s VIP connections: A "potted" history of the rise and fall of Ashtead Potters Ltd., with international players and royal connections, EUR ING Andy Carter, Churchwarden
Ashtead Potters dot7.30pm Pottery demo, James Duck RCA, Artist | Ceramicist
Ashtead Potters dot Auction of Ashtead Pottery pieces
Ashtead Potters dotCafé serving drinks and snacks
Ashtead Potters dotPottery wheel workshops (£20 per hour), book now via eventbrite for bookings
Ashtead Potters dotKid's activities including mug decorating (£10 each), book now via eventbrite for bookings.
Ashtead Potters dotClaire Waterhouse mugs for sale, The Portable Pottery Company
Ashtead Potters dotSealed bids for Ashtead Pottery pieces
Donations and payment for the classes, refreshments, postcards and Claire Waterhouse mugs can be made by cash or card on the day

With grateful thanks to St Giles' & St George's churches, Leatherhead Museum, and City of London Freemen's School for their generous support.

Please contact us if you would like any more information,
Andy, Cathy, John, Liz, Mike, Nigel, Robert, and Simon