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Other 'Internet' Books

These books are listed in alphabetical order of title. Many of these books have been recommended by members of the St George's & St Giles' congregations.

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in print Book cover: Designing Web Usability Designing Web Usability - The Practice of Simplicity
Jakob Nielsen: Published 1999 by New Riders, 432 pages, paperback
in print Book cover: Fundamentals of Web Design Fundamentals of Web Design - Companion Guide
Cisco Systems Inc, Cisco Networking Academy Program, Xenia Giese, Alexandra Holmes: Published 2002 by Cisco Press, 660 pages, hardback + CD-ROM
in print Book cover: The Gigalaw Guide to Internet Law The Gigalaw Guide to Internet Law
Doug Isenberg: Published 2002 by Random House, 240 pages, paperback
in print Book cover: HTTP HTTP - Pocket Reference
C. Wong: Published 2000 by O'Reilly UK, 80 pages, paperback
If you do anything with webservers you need this pocket book. - AC
in print Book cover: The Parent's Guide to Protecting Children in Cyberspace The Parent's Guide to Protecting Children in Cyberspace
Parry Aftab: Published 2000 by McGraw-Hill, 339 pages, paperback
This is a must have book for anyone who uses the Internet, regardless of how long or short a time they've been on-line. It is especially useful for those who have any responsibility what-so-ever for children who have Internet access. This is one book that should be read be every parent and used as a continuous reference in any school. Don't forget that, even if you don't have a computer, Internet access is readily available from friends, schools and libraries. This book assumes no prior knowledge yet manages to explain its message very clearly just using everyday language and using real-world (non-Internet) illustrations. This book stands apart from many others in that it is written by a US lawyer (the US is many more years down the road than we in terms of the Internet being such a ubiquitous commodity) and also by having being completely and successfully re-written for an UK audience. - AC
See also Family/Relationship books
in print Book cover: Protect Yourself Online Protect Yourself Online
Matthew Danda: Published 2001 by Microsoft Press International, 336 pages, paperback
in print Book cover: The Victorian Internet The Victorian Internet - The remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's Online Pioneers
Tom Standage: Published 1999 by Phoenix Press, 216 pages, paperback
in print Book cover: Parenttalk Guide to Your Child and the Internet Parenttalk Guide to Your Child and the Internet
Jonathan Bartley, Lucy Bartley, illustrated by John Byrne: Published 2003 by Hodder & Stoughton, 160 pages, paperback
See also Computers, the Internet, WWW and Controls
See also Family/Relationship books
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